Studio Policies

Below you will find information about registering for lessons, information on costs, and other administrative information regarding lessons.


  Tuition Information

  Missed Lessons

  Withdrawal from Lessons



Registration is open all year! New student inquiries may contact us here and schedule an interview and trial lesson.

Students who are currently enrolled are given the first opportunity to reserve lesson times for the upcoming year. A non-refundable registration fee of $25 is due at the time of registration each academic year. The registration fee reserves your lesson spot as well as helping to cover the cost of materials throughout the year (this excludes the cost of music books). When you register you are committing to lessons to the end of that academic year. When you sign the registration form you are agreeing to these studio policies.

Returning students can download the registration form below:

  Registration Form

Print and fill out; bring to first lesson.

Tuition Information

Our year is comprised of two 16-week terms (September - January and February - June). We recommend 45-minute lessons in general, 60-minute lessons for advanced students. 30-minute lessons are only offered for very young children at the teacher's discretion. For our P.L.A.Y. students, 30 minute lessons are recommended though 15 minute lessons are a possibility for very young children.

For students interested in studying multiple instruments, minimum 90-minute lessons are recommended (45-minutes for each instrument).

All post-dated cheques for the years’ tuition are due on the first day of lessons. You will receive an invoice after signing up for lessons. Payments by cheque or E-transfer are accepted. The full payment details are in the registration form. You are welcome to pay in four quarterly installments or two term installments. Breakdown of payment installments are below:

Note: The below prices do not include the $25 registration fee, which is payable once each year that the student enrolls in any lessons. Other costs such as music books are also not included (mostly for piano students).

Quarterly Payments
- 4 cheques per year
Cheques are post-dated for:
 September 1, 2019
 November 1, 2019
 February 1, 2020
 April 1, 2020

Amount per cheque:
15-min lesson $160
30-min lesson $240
45-min lesson $360
60-min lesson $480

Term Payments
- 2 cheques per year
Cheques are post-dated for:
 September 1, 2019
 February 1, 2020

Amount per cheque:
15-min lesson $320
30-min lesson $480
45-min lesson $720
60-min lesson $960

Yearly Payments
- 1 cheque per year
Cheque post-dated for:
 September 1, 2019

Amount per cheque:
15-min lesson $640
30-min lesson $960
45-min lesson $1440
60-min lesson $1920

Additional Lessons*
(per 1 lesson)

*For students wishing to have extra lessons during the Christmas, June, and summer sessions. Subject to teachers’ availability, extra lessons may be added for students who are either taking RCM Exams or who would like more lesson time outside of the regular term.

Amount per lesson:
15-min lesson $20
30-min lesson $30
45-min lesson $45
60-min lesson $60

Missed Lessons

Weekly lesson appointments are reserved for each student. There are always going to be the odd conflicts that come up during the year where a student may have to miss a lesson. Please understand that there is nothing our teachers can do if we have no notice. We do not offer make-up lessons, but we do have policies in place for missed lessons.

Written Notice for Cancellations:
We do require written notice via email if a student is unable to make a lesson. If a child does not show up for a lesson without notice, we will be concerned for their safety. It is much better for everyone if we are kept in the loop! As much notice as possible is greatly appreciated, though we do understand that if a student becomes ill it is difficult to always give more than a few days notice.

We will no longer offer make-up lessons as it has become too difficult to coordinate everyone’s busy schedule, however, if a teacher misses a lesson due to illness or an unusual circumstance, we will absolutely reschedule that lesson. Rescheduled lessons, should there be any, will be given at the end of each term.

Our studio is closed for Christmas, Spring Break, and summer. Please check our calendar page for specific details. If your family chooses to take extended vacations during the school year, rescheduling is generally not possible. Extra lessons may be coordinated during breaks subject to teachers' availability.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO THEIR LESSON WHEN THEY ARE SICK. This is especially important for the voice lessons. If the student is mildly ill we may suggest scheduling a Skype lesson during the regular lesson time. This will be accomplished only if enough notice is given.

Withdrawal from Lessons

There comes a time when every student feels ready to stop taking lessons. While we understand that the timing is different for everyone, we hope that this decision is made carefully and with plenty of discussion between the teacher, parents, and student. If an unforeseen circumstance arises in which a family must withdraw from lessons during the year (i.e. moving away), we require written notice and one month of paid notice. When you register for lessons, please be prepared to make this a year-long commitment, from September through June. It can be difficult to fill your spot mid-year, and it’s likely we will have passed prospective students on to other teachers in order to reserve your spot. If you’re having any difficulties during the year, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help make any necessary adjustments. The process of learning an instrument is full of highs and lows, but music is something a person can carry with them their entire life, no matter what their chosen path. All we ask is that you keep us in the conversation, and let us help you enjoy this journey so that you can keep music with you as you move forward in your next chapter.


During the year we will be occasionally taking photos and video of students during lessons and performances for use on our social media platforms, as well as advertising materials, lesson demonstration, and studio owned websites. When you register for lessons you will have the opportunity to select your permission preferences.