Continuing into fall, our studio has moved to online lessons until further notice!
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Below you can read a little bit about the lessons given by our various teachers, for more infomation on lessons we encourage you to get in touch and ask us any questions you may have, you can contact us here.
  Voice, Piano, or Guitar

 Music lessons for Voice, Piano, or Guitar.

  Music Theory

 Information on music theory.

  Ms. Nightingale's Theatre

 Information on our studio's musical theatre group.

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Lessons we Offer:

 Voice, Piano, or Guitar [all ages; including adults]

All of our music lessons are structured around each student’s individual goals. Every student learns proper technique for their desired musical genre (and voice type for voice students). Every style of music is encouraged from classical to musical theatre, as well as pop music. Students have the opportunity to experiment with our little recording studio and record songs they are working on. We also encourage students who are interested in additional perfomance opportunities outside of our studio to participate in the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival (GVPAF) and/or Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Exams. We have several studio based performance opportunities as well, including a musical theatre recital and end-of-year recital. Performance classes are also held throughout the year, giving students both a chance to perform in a small setting, as well as to receive input from other Dolce Musica teachers.

 Music Theory [all ages]

Music theory is integrated into all instrumental lessons. Private theory lessons can also be arranged. These lessons can be useful for those looking to take an RCM Theory Exam or brush up previous skills before entering into a post-secondary program, or simply for those wishing to expand on their knowledge in music theory.

 Ms. Nightingale's Theatre

Ms. Nightingale’s Theatre provides an opportunity for students of Dolce Musica to perform in a musical production. Students in all disciplines of the studio, whether it’s voice, piano, or guitar, are welcome and encouraged to participate. Voice students have the opportunity to sing solo pieces, while piano and guitar students are welcome to join in the ensemble.

Students of all ages should have the opportunity to find freedom and expression though stage work.

Previous Productions:
It's a Mad, Mad World (a telling of Alice in Wonderland) - March 2020

Performance Classes:

All our Performance Classes (Master Classes) are held here in our studio. This gives our students the opportunity to perform for their peers in a familiar environment. Performance Classes are held for students only. Performing can often be nerve-wracking, so it is nice to perform only for others who are also performing. Students as well as teachers are encouraged to give positive and constructive feedback to performers.

Don't forget to check our calendar to find out when our next Performance Class is being held!

Explore our studio spaces:

Having an at-home studio is such a joy. We have created a safe and nurturing environment filled with colour and possibilities. Piano students will be able to have lessons on a 7 foot Baldwin grand, which allows them the opportunity to experience the rich colours and sensitivity that come with such an instrument. At Dolce Musica, you are encouraged to step outside your comfort zone without feeling the pressure of an intense performing atmosphere. We encourage students to share their gifts rather than feeling competitive.