Nancy Sheeley


Nancy Sheeley is a pianist, teacher, composer, and writer. She has an undergraduate degree in music from Principia College and a Master's degree in Piano Performance from the University of Victoria. Her primary piano teachers include Dorothy Dring Smutz, Dr. Robin Wood, and Georgy Sebok.

With over 30 years teaching experience, Nancy is passionate about teaching young people. While her focus is Classical music, she loves to encourage students to embrace the Renaissance ideals of exploring all the arts, especially sharing her love of reading, journaling, and visual arts.

As well as teaching, Nancy has graced the stage performing repertoire spanning from early music on the harpsichord and pipe organ to contemporary music on the piano. She loves both solo and ensemble performing, having been especially active accompanying singers. This year she will be involved in researching various contemporary music composers and their works for the piano as well as finding more time for her own compositions.

Nancy lives with her family (including her studio mascot, Gwinna the Lhasa Apso) in a 100 year old house, so full of books it now tilts to one side. One student once remarked that she was sure the wardrobe with the door to the secret world of Narnia must be at the top of the stairs. ( Perhaps she was right!)

When Nancy isn't teaching or playing, she can be found at the top of the house, hunched over her old metal desk, conferring with Mr. Tumnus about fairy stories and the proper placement of commas.

Nancy is an avid knitter and her adventures in knitting and books can be found on instagram @nancysheeley.