Mark Bigauskas


Mark Bigauskas is a Canadian pianist and teacher passionate about Romantic-era classical piano music. Mark has performed a variety of solo piano works, including a number of Beethoven Sonatas. He also enjoys exploring the melodic harmonies of Chopin, and virtuosic and technically challenging works by Franz Liszt. In addition, Mark's performances often include collaboration with vocalists or other instrumentalists.

Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Mark has spent the majority of his life living in Victoria, British Columbia. He attended the Victoria Conservatory of Music, receiving multiple scholarships for piano performance. There he studied with pianist Susan DeBurgh and pianist and composer Walter Prosnitz.

Mark recently completed his Bachelor’s degree in Music at the University of Victoria, where he received collaborative coaching from tenor Benjamin Butterfield as well as violinist Ann Elliot-Goldschmid of the Lafayette String Quartet, in addition to studying piano under pianists Michelle Mares and Arthur Rowe.

See some of Mark's playing here: