Sunday, July 1, 2018
By Emlyn & Nancy

Well done, everyone!!

We have had another fabulous year with all of you! Everyone worked so hard and got so much accomplished! Everyone did such an amazing job in the end of year recital. You have all performed wonderfully and it was so lovely to showcase everyone’s amazing talent. You guys really make us so proud!! Whether you’ve been with us for a few weeks or going on years, we love the time we get with you and love watching you grow as musicians, as artists, as people.

In our studio it’s so important to us to show how music connects to each and every aspect of our lives, and the tools you get in music lessons can be tools for other areas of life as well, not just in the studio or on the stage. We love hearing about all the activities you do and hearing how you’re applying all that you learn. And don’t forget, we learn so much from you, too! It’s such a blessing for us to have the group of students that we do. You are all so wonderful and sweet and full of zest!

Emlyn would like to give a special shout out to her voice students this year who worked so hard and were willing to try so many new things. Singing lessons can be a very funny thing. You can feel so vulnerable, because it’s your personal instrument. Sometimes we make silly sounds, sometimes our voices crack, but to have the courage to jump in full force is something not many people have. So kudos to you all!!

Again, we are all so proud of each and every one of you for all the amazing work you did through-out the year, and in the recital. You all should feel very good about what you’ve accomplished this year!

Thanks for sharing these amazing moments with us! And we look forward to having a wonderful year next year!

Enjoy your summers, and see you in the fall!

Emlyn and Nancy