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Wednesday, March 4, 2015
By Emlyn

This is such a fun genre to dive into!! Whether you like to sing it or just like to listen, here are some of my favourite singers/songs that you should definitely have a listen to!

This is Kristin Chenoweth singing Glitter and be gay from Candide (which is actually an “operetta” but what the hey). One of my favourite singers (who was trained in opera!!). You will see a couple more of her... :)

The girl in 14G. One of the best songs ever! A friend of mine in college introduced me to this song and I became TOTALLY obsessed with it!! This in my opinion is the master of all songs, it includes it all...

And of course, some of you may know this woman. The amazing Adele Dazeem. I mean Idina Menzel. You know, that girl who played Elsa in that Disney movie that was kind of popular? :) Oh and look who else is there! It’s Kristin Chenoweth again! I couldn’t leave out a masterpiece from Wicked. Defying Gravity is definitely a song I put on when I need to pump myself up. Did you hear that high note at the end? Warning: do not try this at home. She is a trained professional. -- ok I know you’re going to do it anyways, but please be careful! You only get one set of vocal chords!!

Now remember, Disney counts! :) This next video will shock those who have never heard of Nick Pitera, but in a good way! Nick does many videos of himself in a one man a cappella group. He has such a fabulous and interesting voice. You’ll know what I mean when you hear him.... Enjoy!

Traveling back in time now. Don’t forget the greats! Doris Day made my life with her performance in Calamity Jane. Here she is singing “The Windy City”.

Now this next musical is probably my favourite one of all time. Every song, every character, I completely fell in love when I saw this movie. So you’re about to get a HUGE dose of it! :) I recommend to everyone to see this movie because the music is great and the dancing is amazing! (I’ll show you a bit of both) Here is Jane Powell singing Wonderful, Wonderful Day. A classic! -- also as a side note, the man you’ll see in the video is Howard Keel (MY HERO) who is also in Calamity Jane with Doris Day. :)

Here’s Howard Keel in all his glory! If you listen to this and aren’t completely in love with him I suggest you go get yourself checked.

And because I just can’t leave out my favourite scene, here is the incredible dancing scene with the 6 brothers trying to get their new gals! :) -- unfortunately a section of it was cut from the clip, but you get the idea. You’ll just have to rent the movie!! ;)

So there you go! A major dose of Musicals! My apologies if that was overwhelming. haha But hey, that was just a start! I hope you enjoyed listening to and watching some of my favourite music moments! Who knows, maybe I’ll make a part 2! :)

See you later! And I hope everyone has a lovely Spring Break!!!

xoxo Emlyn

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