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Tuesday, January 1, 2019
By Emlyn

This is one of the most amazing times of year! Full of new beginnings, the chance for a fresh start, you can be whoever you want to be! I’m a big believer in no matter what time of year it is you can always have your fresh start, the page 1 of your 365. There is something to be said however, for having the rest of the world on your side. Most people treat the new year as their goal setting time. What are they going to change? What are they going to achieve? It can feel very magical!

Last year was a big change for me in terms of my music. I found myself turning to vocalises any spare minute I had! And as someone who didn’t used to like the warming up process, I now live for those moments! This year I hope to continue that energy into my warmups, and take more time for the research of my music. My brother, Morgan, is really involved in music history in college. It’s so inspiring to follow his journey and see what inspires him throughout his education. As Morgan continues to dive deeper into his musical journey, I have been reminded that not only is this thorough understanding of my music and the background important for my artistic development, but it is also really interesting and fun!

This year, I encourage all of you to really dive deeper into thinking about the music you’re working on. Whether it’s an art song, a pop song, a new classical piano piece, etc. Who composed your piece? What was the inspiration behind the composition? Is there a story behind your piece? Get excited about not only asking these questions, but finding answers to these questions! Keep a journal or some form of record about your findings and inspiration that you get through working on your music. Diving into your music like this will help grow your artistry, and it will just make your music playing that much more satisfying.

With all that said, I hope everyone has had a lovely holiday break! We are all looking forward to starting back up lessons next week!

See you soon, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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